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Bel-Art products was founded by Kurt Landsberger and his wife Anny. With little more than a sewing machine and strong work ethic they set up shop, manufacturing household aprons and tablecloths from their home in northern New Jersey. Anny designed and sewed, Kurt went out on the road to gather sales for the fledgling business. Upon discovered that the plastic coated fabric that they were using to make these items was chemically resistant, and they began marketing their products to laboratory and medical supply houses pioneering the use of plastic equipment in the laboratory.Subsequent manufacturing expansions along with company and product acquisitions in plastics, wire and coatings expanded Bel-Art’s offerings to the scientific community, and Bel-Art Products soon became a recognized leader and relied upon in scientific, industrial and healthcare laboratories worldwide.

Modern-day SP Scienceware, which Bel-Art is a part of, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and biological drug manufacturing solutions that include market leading brands Genevac, Virtis, Hull, FTS systems and National-Hotpack and maintains manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania in the United States, and in Suffolk in the United Kingdom.

As part of a larger organization committed to science the company looks forward to increased opportunities to serve their customers and remain committed to developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative products, rich in value. Bel-Art Products appreciate your business and thank you for the opportunity you have given to the company.

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