Elenco® was founded more than 40 years ago by 2 engineers. The core of Elenco® is still its strong engineering and design skills. Elenco’s test equipment has been proven to be reliable as well as affordable. Their niche in the electronics industry has expanded to include markets from Universities and High Schools to retail toy and hobby stores.

Gil Cecchin and Art Seymour established Elenco Electronics, Inc., in 1972. The company name was derived from the first two letters of the words Electronic Engineering Corporation because both of the founders were electronic engineers. It has been the policy of Elenco to design economical products that work better and longer than their competition. The first products produced by Elenco were convergence generators designed for TV repairmen. As the times changed, and the needs of Elenco’s customers, the company now supplies products to the toy, education, telecommunication, electric and engineering fields.

In over forty years of existence the work force at Elenco has been challenged with the difficult task of competing with much larger corporations and Elenco employees have demonstrated the ability to produce quality products efficiently. The company’s ability to compete with larger companies in this field is one of its proudest achievements.

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