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GfG Instrumentation is a world leader for gas detection and measurement technology. For over 50 years the company has specialized in developing, and producing the safest and most reliable equipment and sensors available. Offering an extensive range of portable monitors, fixed systems, and respiratory air monitors, GfG provides diverse solutions for toxic, explosive, and oxygen gas detection.

GfG equipment is used in a wide variety of applications and industries including automotive, chemical industries, landfills, steel industries, hospitals, mining, public utilities, food processing, research institutes, universities, and wherever the protection of life and property is needed. Products are developed by a team of highly qualified scientists of various disciplines, engineers and technicians, working in cooperation with leading research institutions, bringing practice and theory together.

GfG Instrumentation is committed to the protection of life and property by developing and producing the safest and most reliable gas detection equipment available, and to continuously make improvements through constant attention to customer expectations and advancing industry standards.

GfG Instrumentation
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