The IDEAL Electrical Division is a trusted leader in the development of dependable products and technology for a number of industries, including electrical and wire processing, aerospace, lighting, automotive and the alternative energy industries.

J. Walter Becker founded IDEAL in 1916 and made a promise that is still an important part of the way IDEAL operates today: "An IDEAL product will provide a value greater than the price paid for it. Service is a part of the product." Becker's foundational principle represents company's everyday commitment to you. It's the driving force behind the company’s partnerships with the world's leading distributors, a state of the art delivery system, outstanding customer and technical support and variety of operational benefits designed to save you time and money. It means they are proud of the way they do business. IDEAL brings you products that make your job easier; products that you can rely on, with warranties you can trust; products that are available whenever and wherever you need them. Every IDEAL product comes with the promise made by the company’s founder 100 years ago.

The wide variety of products offered by IDEAL reaches the professionals of many markets. From the electrical contractor and datacom technician to the production engineer and plant manager, the job is easier when IDEAL lends a helping hand. Their divisions are dedicated to the professionals they serve: Electrical, DataComm, Networks, Wire Processing, OEM Lighting and Wireless Lighting Controls. IDEAL headquarters are located in Sycamore, Illinois with manufacturing plants in Sycamore and DeKalb, Illinois; Sterling, Massachusetts; Ajax, Ontario, Canada; and in England, and China. International sales facilities are located in Canada, England, Germany, Australia, China, India, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Five distribution centers across the U.S. provide quick and accurate deliveries of the IDEAL product line.


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