Dwyer Magnehelic

Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gages

The Dwyer Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage has been the Industry standard used in a broad range of pressure measuring applications - for low differential pressure measurement for the HVAC/R and Process Automation markets since its introduction in 1953.

The Magnehelic® can measure positive, negative as well as differential pressure of air and non-combustible compatible gases and there are as well additional option to measure hydrogen and natural gas. These dependable and versatile pressure gauges can be panel or surface mounted with a capability to be configured to operate at any angle.

The Series 2000 Standard Magnehelic® Gage is a versatile instrument for most low differential pressure applications. It does not require a power supply to operate and has over 80 ranges and more than 25 options to choose from.

Dwyer’s High-Accuracy Magnehelic® Gage retains the versatility of the standard Magnehelic® gage with the increased dependability. The High-Accuracy Magnehelic® gage offers accuracy of 1% for most ranges and comes standard with a mirrored scale overlay which helps eliminate any parallax error while taking measurements. A six-point calibration certificate is also included at no extra cost!

The optional tapered brush stainless steel bezel allows for seamless integration into stainless steel panels while offering corrosion resistance and yet eliminating any dust accumulation on the edges. The IP67 rated rugged Magnehelic® gage is weatherproof and fully protected against dust and immersion/water ingress.

The well-engineered High-Accuracy Magnehelic Option can be ordered by adding the suffix “-HA” to Series 2000 Models; to order the new brush SS Bezel - please include the suffix “-SS” with either a Standard or High-Accuracy Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage option.

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